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Bailey's for Face and Body Treatments (Ladies)

Eve Taylor Facials

Relax and unwind with a deep cleansing, rejuvenating facial. Each facial is based upon your specific skin type.

Allow us to pamper your skin with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage of the shoulder, neck and face, followed by a mask treatment, concluding with a skin tonic, skin serum, moisturiser and refining eye gel.

You are advised not to wear make-up for 6-8 hours following a facial.

Always wear a sun screen to protect your skin.

Bailey's Deep Cleansing Facial£30.00

A deep cleansing facial including a cleanse, exfoliation & massage using a pre-blended oil to suit your skin; followed by the application of nourishing cream face mask.

Deep cleansing facial using pre-blended oil & masks for either an anti-aging or sensitive skin.

Following each skin treatment you are advised not to wear face make-up for at least 12 hours and to apply a SPF15 cream.
It is also advisable to avoid exposure to U.V.

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Body Massage
Bailey's Body Massage£30.00
Bailey's Back Massage£20.00

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