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Salon Ettiquette

At Baileys beauty salon we look forward to welcoming you and want to ensure you have a pleasurable experience. We are committed to offering quality professional treatments at an affordable cost.
For the comfort of all clients Baileys Beauty has a non-smoking policy.
Please ensure all mobile phones are switched to silent during your treatment.

Booking the Appointment

Appointments can be made in person or by telephoning 01543 679597, please leave a message on the answer phone if there is no reply.

If you are unable to make the appointment or wish to change it please ring as soon as possible so the time can be offered to other clients. It's a fact of life that you may be running late for you appointment but please do not panic, simply give us a ring so that we can discuss either re-scheduling the appointment or adapting the treatment accordingly.

Gift Vouchers are available upon request.

Before the treatment please check to see if you require a patch test.

Complementary tea, coffee and water are available upon request.

The Appointment

At the start of the treatment you therapist will conduct a consultation, please be aware you may be asked recent medical history. Your record card will be updated at every appointment so please let us know of any changes to your details. Treatments can be customised to suit you requirements and needs, please discuss this with your therapist. Please be assured all information is confidential.

Waxing Treatments

Prior to waxing it is advisable to have a body scrub at home using either a loofah, body brush or recommended body exfoliant to remove dry skin, please do not apply body lotion at this point. You will be advised about home care advice following a waxing, but please bear in mind that following a wax treatment the area will be sensitive so you are advised not to apply perfumed products or make-up, sunbathe or have a heat treatment (including hot baths) for at least 24 hours.


You will be advised not to wear face make-up for at least 8 hours following a facial.

Pedicure Treatments

A pedicure treatment will include polish application to the toes, which will take a long time to fully dry, therefore we do advise you to bring a pair of flip flop type shoes for the home journey.


There may be times when your therapist advises you that it is not possible to commence treatment, this may be due to skin infection, cold sore, eye infection, open cuts, bruises, varicose veins or your general health. Please do not be offended, it is in your best interest, and it may be possible the treatment can be carried out at a later date once any infection has cleared or if GP consent has been sought.

Concluding the Treatment

At the end of your treatment you will be offered home care advice, which may include product information. At Baileys the treatment does not stop once you leave the salon, we believe it is a two way commitment between the therapist and client to gain maximum benefits.

It is advisable to re-book your treatments in advance, so they can be noted in your diary. This ensures you have the appointment you want, when you want and at the time you want, but also makes sure Baileys is part of your beauty regime and maintenance.


Quality. Experienced. Professional.

A Warm welcome awaits you at Baileys.